Borough of North Haledon
Established 1901

103 Overlook Avenue
North Haledon, NJ 07508
(973) 427-7793
 Hawthorne Nutrition Site  973-423-1027 
 Meals on Wheels   973-569-4099 
 Wayne Day Care Center   973-569-4080 
 Para transit – Non-emergency medical and shopping trips   973-305-5756 
 Passaic County Department of Senior Service   973-569-4060 
 Office on Aging Inquiries   973-569-4060 
 Adult Day Care   973-569-4080
Please call 1-800-223-0556 or 973-569-4060 if you have any questions or would like more information on these programs. 

Senior Citizens

The Golden Age Club of North Haledon

, President 

The Golden Age Club of North Haledon meets at noon every Friday at the American Legion Hall. Openings for new members are currently available. New members must be North Haledon residents, aged 55 or older.

In Memory Of...

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